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Spare Parts

Find products such as Nintendo Wii Laser, Wii Drive, Wii Motherboard and other Parts in this category. Click on desired product to view further product information.


  • Nintendo Triwing Screw Driver

    Allows you to Open up your Nintendo Wii. Also can be used to open Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite and GBA/SP consoles

    $4.95 (US $4.95)
    $4.99 , save 1%
  • Replacement DVD Drive for Wii

    This Replacement Drive is compatible for all versions of Wii.

    $44.99 (US $44.99)
    $129.99 , save 65%
  • Replacement DVD Drive for Wii Not Moddable

    This Replacement Drive is compatible for all versions of Wii. (not Moddable) From New Wii console

    $34.99 (US $34.99)
  • Replacement DVD Laser for Nintendo Wii RAF-3350

    This is a Replacement Laser for the Nintendo Wii System.

    $24.99 (US $24.99)
    $34.99 , save 29%
  • Replacement LCD Screen for Nintendo Wii-U w + FREE Triwing Tool

    Replacement LCD screen for the Nintendo Wii-U gamepad!

    $49.99 (US $49.99)
    $59.99 , save 17%
  • Wii D2C/D2E DVD Drive + Modchip + Triwing Screwdriver


    This is for a brand new D2C/D2E drive. Comes with a FREE Triwing screwdriver AND your choice of modchip. This is a great solution if you want to play backup copies of games from DVD's. It's also a direct replacement of your existing drive which is simple and easy to swap out.

    Choose one of 3 modchips at an additional cost and we'll premod the drive for you!

    $84.99 (US $84.99)