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Modification Services

Find products such as Wiikey Fusion Installation, Wode Installation, Wiikey 2 installation, Drivekey Installation, Flash ixtreme LT PLUS, ps2 Modbo 4.0 installation, Service, duo x3 installation, 360 intensifire controller mod, Repairs for 360, ps3 & nintendo wii and other Modification services in this category. Click on desired product to view further product information.


  • Duo Q Installation for Nintendo Gamecube

    Service - Duo Q Installation for Nintendo Gamecube (Includes Chip cost) Installation of the Duo Q modchiop allows you to play Backups and Imported games, and allows for the use of homebrew software. Unopened machines please! All machines will be fully tested and shipped via the shipping method you choose at checkout. Buy Online and Save!

    $59.99 (US $59.99)
  • Flash Service Update for Return Customers

    Flash Service Update for Return Customers: For machines Flashed by Gocybershop! that require an update. We will install the newest up to date Firmware possible!

    $24.95 (US $24.95)
  • LapTop DC Power Jack Replacement Repair Service

    LapTop DC Connector Replacement Repair Service
    Any Laptop
    Approx 1 week turn around.
    Warranty is 30 days
    $99.99 (US $99.99)
    $179.99 , save 44%
  • Original Xbox Aladdin Install

    Original Xbox Aladdin Advance XT Install

    Please email us for shipping instructions once your order is placed.  customerservice@gocybershopmail.com

    The turnaround time for our Install service is about 1 business day from when we receive it (sometimes delays do occur so it may take an extra day or so)

    $69.99 (US $69.99)
    $79.99 , save 13%
  • PS2 ModBo v4.0

    Upgrade from ModBo 3.0, comes with the original 100% v1.93 firmware, but it isn't upgradeable. Software selectable "PS2 Quick Load" option. (To skip PS2 logo and Quick boot PS2 Games!!)

    $9.95 (US $9.95)
    $19.95 , save 50%
  • PS2 ModBo v4.0 Installation for Older FAT PS2

    ModBo v4.0 Installation for PS2 V4-V10 consoles ONLY!

    SCPH30001R, 3900x, 5000x series

    $79.95 (US $79.95)
    $129.95 , save 38%