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Find products such as PlayStation 3 Modchips, Ps3 Mods, and other Adapters in this category. Click on desired product to view further product information.


  • E3 Card Reader AVR

    The E3 Card Reader supports the Downgrade form the 3.55 Firmware to any other Firmware!

    The E3 CardReader (also PS3 Downgrader, E3 Jailbreak or E3 Jailbreaker called) offers about his very extensive opportunities new nimensions: PS3 Jailbreak ( P3 Mod Chip) , AVR Kit (started HEX Files), USB Stick with a unique file encryption (for safe transportation of files), memory expansion via Micro SDHC Memory Cards, and much more!

    $14.95 (US $14.95)
    $19.95 , save 25%
  • E3 Flasher 3K Limited Version PS3 PlayStation3 Downgrader & Jailbreak

    E3 flasher is a special device to help you program NAND and NOR flash memory. It support all electronic devices like DVD/BD/PS3/WII/XBOX360/MP3/MP4/Table PC which has Nand or Nor flash memory.

    $64.95 (US $64.95)
    $99.95 , save 35%
  • E3 Flasher NOR Clip Suit

    The E3 Flasher NOR Clip Suit is one of the most important spare part of E3 Flasher, which works with LIMITED Edition and also with the Standard Edition. This CLIP Suit includes E3 NOR Clip and E3 Linker - therefore the E3-Flasher can work in two ways: solderless installaion due to the E3 Clip or solder wire installation due to the E3 Linker.

    $22.45 (US $22.45)
    $39.99 , save 44%
  • E3 NOR Flasher - Downgrader

    The E3 NOR Flasher - Downgrader works same as the E3 Flasher Ltd. and includes 4 components: mainboard, cover board, CLIP with softboard, and metal cover.

    The E3 NOR Flasher - Downgrader works on all Nor flash consoles and no soldering.

    $54.95 (US $54.95)
    $79.95 , save 31%
  • E3 ODE PRO Replacement QSB

    Great for replacing your damaged E3 ODE QSB from a bad installation!

    $9.95 (US $9.95)
    $14.95 , save 33%
  • E3 ODE PRO v1.2 for PS3 SLIM 2K5 / 3K / 4K

    E3 ODE PRO is the latest Optical Drive Emulator for PS3 SLIM! Run your video games and movie ISO's from your PS3 SLIM console without the need for CFW!

    $79.95 (US $79.95)
    $99.95 , save 20%