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Featured Manufacturer: Microsoft Corporation
Washington, USA
The company that made Redmond, Washington a household name was actually founded in another city, in 1975, by two young men from Seattle, one of whom was a college dropout. Twenty-five plus years later, from the personal computer to the XBox console, Microsoft is continuing to empower us any time, any where, and on any device.

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  • XBox Console Modified includes 320GB Hard Drive

    XBox Console Modified includes new 500GB Hard Drive Plus THE ULTIMATE XBOX CONSOLE! Western Digital 320 GB Hard Drive Installed! Dashboard Installed: Play DVD Movies - Region Free - No Dongle Required! Play Games from DVD-Rom Play Games from Hard Drive XBox Media Player Installed XBox media centre installed Old School Emulators Installed Ability to launch Applications from Hard Drive! Game Management on Hard Drive Enabled No Reset on Eject Hack Ability to Upgrade HDD in Future or Add Multiple Drives! Macrovison Turned Off Play Originals, Imports, Home Brew Software and More! FTP Enabled! XBox Duo X3 modchip Inside! 1x Controller, Power Cable, AV Cable included!

    $189.99 (US $189.99)
    $369.99 , save 49%