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Find products such as Xbox 360 Modchips, NME- Modchips, xecuter 360 usb pro, Xecuter Probe 2.1,ck3 probe, ck3 pro, ck3 lite, Nand-X, rrod Repair Kits, Xbox 360 Unlock Kits, Xbox 360 Connectivity Kit, Xbox 360 modchip installation services, 360 Xtractor, 360 Spear, USB Xtractor, Power unit Dongle, Vampire Spear, Rebuild Board v1.1, LT Switch and other Modchips in this category. Click on desired product to view further product information.


  • XBox 360 Phat or Slim Cool Runner Glitch Hack Installation Service!

    XBox 360 Phat or Slim Cool Runner Glitch Hack Installation Service!

    Available on any Phat or Slim Console!

    Includes Cool Runner

    Provide your Hard Drive and the FreeStyle Dashboard will be installed only!

    Drop off at our location or Ship your console to us!

    Features of Cool Runner Glitch Hack

    • Works with both Phat and Slim in one device
    • Unique design - do not confuse with other brands that have copied the public schematics
    • Optimized timing for each motherboard version
    • Compatible with all Xbox kernel versions
    • Easy programming via JTAG
    • Power LED
    • Reset Cycle LED
    • Easy Install (7 Wires Slim, 6 Wires Phat)
    • Powered by CK3 Lite, CK3 Pro or CK3i for JTAG Programming
    • Includes a free 68nF Cap for problem Jaspers.
    • Works perfectly with the world famous Xecuter NAND-X
    • QSB Add-on available that connects to both the CoolRunner and the NAND-X (Sold Separately)
    • Trusted Xecuter Design & Warranty






    We do not promote or condone and are completely against software piracy! Graphic artists and software programmers and engineers work very hard, day and night, to bring you all the latest and greatest games. They very well deserve to be paid for their outstanding efforts. Which as you can see in all of today's games they are just at the edge of full on, deeply immersive and emotionally integrated virtual reality! If you truly enjoy a game, please go out and buy it!

    $119.95 (US $119.95)
  • XBox 360 PHAT Unlock Kit

    XBox 360 PHAT Unlock Kit

    The official Unlock Tool from Team Xecuter is designed to offer the best opening tool on Xbox 360.

    $6.95 (US $6.95)
    $9.99 , save 30%
  • XBox 360 PHAT Unlock Kit

    As many of us already know, opening an Xbox 360 is not as easy as it might seem, it can be difficult and the shell can damage easily if the tools aren't right.

    Now with this Xbox 360 Unlock Tool Kit everybody can open an Xbox 360, the whole process has become so easy and u don't have to be afraid that u damage your console.

    $6.95 (US $6.95)
    $9.99 , save 30%
  • XBox 360 Slim Unlock Kit

    A case opening kit for Xbox 360 Slim, using the best steel for molding, specially designed for unlocking the Xbox 360 Slim console.

    $6.95 (US $6.95)
    $9.99 , save 30%
  • XBox NME-360 2.0 Modchip

    The NME-360 enables your XBox 360 to play backups of your highly valuable original games.

    $8.95 (US $8.95)
    $34.99 , save 74%
  • XBox NME-360 2.0 Modchip/XCM 360 Unlock Kit

    XBox NME-360 2.0 Modchip/XCM 360 Unlock Kit The NME-360 enables your XBox 360 to play backups of your highly valuable original games. NME-360 is a universal solution for ALL currently available XBox 360 Consoles on the market. (Except Philip liteon) Works on all Consoles including the Elite, Pro or Arcade versions! Forget crazy dual mods with 30+ wires or even bricking your DVD drive by flashing corrupt/wrong firmware files. Your original firmware stays untouched and intact at any time when using the NME-360. There is no need for any firmware reading or flashing! Simply install the NME-360 to you XBox 360's DVD drive and you are ready to go ...

    $49.95 (US $49.95)