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Find products such as PlayStation 3 Adapters, Ps3 Lasers, Ps3 lasers with tray, Hdmi crossover selector, Infectus modchip, Rateup adapter, Usb Adapter and other Adapters in this category. Click on desired product to view further product information.


  • E3 Card Reader AVR

    The E3 Card Reader supports the Downgrade form the 3.55 Firmware to any other Firmware!

    The E3 CardReader (also PS3 Downgrader, E3 Jailbreak or E3 Jailbreaker called) offers about his very extensive opportunities new nimensions: PS3 Jailbreak ( P3 Mod Chip) , AVR Kit (started HEX Files), USB Stick with a unique file encryption (for safe transportation of files), memory expansion via Micro SDHC Memory Cards, and much more!

    $14.95 (US $14.95)
    $19.95 , save 25%
  • HDMI Cable 5M

    HDMI Cable 5 M/16.4ft for both high-definition video and multi-channel audio connection between any digital HDTV / displays and digital source devices such as DVD players, DVRs, digital set-top boxes (cable / satellite), A/V receivers, game consoles and many more.

    $14.99 (US $14.99)
    $19.99 , save 25%
  • Injectus JTAG Programmer

    The ProgSkeet JTAG Injectus USB Programmer from the Infectus Team is the most advanced programmer for every ProgSkeet NAND / NOR / EEPROM USB Programmer or the ARGON and INFECTUS ModChip. It supports USB 2.0 and with the high professional programmer software can you easy reflash your ProgSkeet V1.0 and V1.1 or the ARGON chip. The ProgSkeet JTAG Injectus USB Programmer is the perfect complement for every ProgSkeet Developer!

    $24.95 (US $24.95)
    $29.95 , save 17%
  • Intensafire V2.0 for PS3 Controllers BGR-IF200

    The PS3 INTENSAFIRE™ enhances the newer PS3 Dual Shock 3 controllers* allowing them to transform to rapid fire controllers. The 8-mode sleeper settings, include rapid fire to the R1, R2 and "X" buttons. There are 8 total modes with 5 preset modes and 3 user customizable programmable modes. It uses the D-Pad  to toggle modes, and on and off. Usable in all PS3 Games, including gamer favorites: KillZone 2, The Call of Duty series, BattleField Bad Company 2, and other current and future first person shooter and fighting games. The IntensaFIRE promises to bring your gaming to the next level.

    $34.95 (US $34.95)
    $39.95 , save 13%
  • MAX AVR USB 1.2 - 32kb

    The NEWER Maximus AVR USB 32KB v1.2 32KB PIC18F4550 with case!

    $23.31 (US $23.31)
    $29.99 , save 22%
  • Minimus AVR USB KIT

    The Minimus AVR USB is powered by an Atmel AT90USB162 and the Minimus 32 AVR USB is powered by an Atmel ATmega32U2 that is pre-programmed with the bootloader which allows code to be programmed inside the chip without any external programmer, just download the FLIP software from Atmel's web site and load your HEX code.

    $19.95 (US $19.95)