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Game Controllers

Find products such as Xbox 360 Controllers, Offical Xbox 360 Controllers, Modified 360 Controllers, Charging stations and other Game Controllers in this category. Click on desired product to view further product information.


  • Charging Dock Station For XBOX 360 Controller & Battery


    Charge your Xbox 360 controllers when not using them. Compact and durable, the controller dock will charge your controllers with an included USB cable. Features an LED charge indicator. Xbox 360 controller not included

    $11.65 (US $11.65)
    $14.99 , save 22%
  • Phat to Slim Xbox 360 Power Supply Converter

    You can now use the power supply from your Xbox 360 on a Slim console! Simply plug in the convert cable and use it on your brand new Slim console.

    $14.95 (US $14.95)
    $19.95 , save 25%
  • XBox 360 Arcade Stick - KoF Edition (Black / White)

    XBox 360 Arcade Stick - KoF Edition

    This Digital Arcade Stick features 8 buttons and functional buttons. Those buttons are perfect for playing all kinds of fighting games. The Home button can directly control the console, giving you the full feeling of arcade realism. Despite the KOF design on its exterior, this arcade stick is compatible with all fighting games, including Street Fighter, Tekken, and Marvel vs Capcom!

    $49.95 (US $49.95)
    $59.95 , save 17%
  • Xbox 360 PS2 Contoller Adapter

    Xbox 360 PS2 Contoller Adapter: Use your PS2 contoller on Xbox 360!

    $14.95 (US $14.95)
  • XBox 360 Wireless Controller

    Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers help you get into the game like never before. Together with up to three friends, you can take complete control of the fun and play anywhere in the room (up to 30 foot range). When the game is on, don't let the wires trip you up.
    $39.95 (US $39.95)
    $45.99 , save 13%