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Modification Services

Find products such as Wiikey Fusion Installation, Wode Installation, Wiikey 2 installation, Drivekey Installation, Flash ixtreme LT PLUS, ps2 Modbo 4.0 installation, Service, duo x3 installation, 360 intensifire controller mod, Repairs for 360, ps3 & nintendo wii and other Modification services in this category. Click on desired product to view further product information.


  • Flash Service Update for Return Customers

    Flash Service Update for Return Customers: For machines Flashed by Gocybershop! that require an update. We will install the newest up to date Firmware possible!

    $24.95 (US $24.95)
  • LapTop DC Power Jack Replacement Repair Service

    LapTop DC Connector Replacement Repair Service
    Any Laptop
    Approx 1 week turn around.
    Warranty is 30 days
    $99.99 (US $99.99)
    $179.99 , save 44%
  • Original Xbox Aladdin Install

    Original Xbox Aladdin Advance XT Install

    Please email us for shipping instructions once your order is placed.  customerservice@gocybershopmail.com

    The turnaround time for our Install service is about 1 business day from when we receive it (sometimes delays do occur so it may take an extra day or so)

    $69.99 (US $69.99)
    $79.99 , save 13%
  • PS2 ModBo v4.0

    Upgrade from ModBo 3.0, comes with the original 100% v1.93 firmware, but it isn't upgradeable. Software selectable "PS2 Quick Load" option. (To skip PS2 logo and Quick boot PS2 Games!!)

    $10.00 (US $10.00)
    $19.95 , save 50%
  • PS2 ModBo v4.0 Installation for Older FAT PS2

    ModBo v4.0 Installation for PS2 V4-V10 consoles ONLY!

    SCPH30001R, 3900x, 5000x series

    $79.95 (US $79.95)
    $129.95 , save 38%
  • PS3 3 Beep/Yellow Light Repair Service

    3 Beep/Yellow Light Repair Service


    • Motherboard Re-Ball Service 6 Month warranty!
    • New solder
    • Foam padding application
    $79.99 (US $79.99)
    $99.99 , save 20%