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AVR USB & Dev Kits

AVR USB & Dev Kits PLEASE DO NOT UPDATE YOUR PS3 TO 3.50 or 3.55, STAY ON 3.41! . The AT90USB is a low-cost demonstration board based on the AT90USB162 microcontroller. It allows the quick evaluation of AVR microcontrollers and the AT90USB family. The key simply connects to the USB port of a personal computer to retrieve on-board documentation and run AVR programs. Designers can either run demonstration programs or their own application. It also allows hardware developments by giving access to the JTAG port and all the IOs of the microcontroller. An external power supply can be used for USB host or stand-alone operation. .


  • MAX AVR USB 1.2 - 32kb

    The NEWER Maximus AVR USB 32KB v1.2 32KB PIC18F4550 with case!

    $23.31 (US $23.31)
    $29.99 , save 22%
  • PIC18F USB Dev Kit

    The PIC18F4550 USB Dev Kit is loaded with features, including a large 32kb of program memory, optimized for C programs. The PIC18F4550 Development Board comes complete with the Microchip PIC18F4550 microcontroller pre-installed, together with the necessary crystal and power supply components, for a ready-to-run solution. Simply connect the power and download your program, using the easy to use programming interface and software, and your ready to start exploring the new PIC18 USB.

    $3.88 (US $3.88)
    $4.99 , save 22%
  • PS3 SLIM Power Switch Cable

    AC cable to allow you to toggle power to your console.

    $9.95 (US $9.95)