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XBox 360 PHAT Unlock Kit

XBox 360 PHAT Unlock Kit


1.01 lbs
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XBox 360 PHAT Unlock Kit includes 2 unlock tools specially design for quick opening of the console and of a full high quality T10 screwdriver (with handle).

Note: The second small tool is now built into one tool piece (2 in 1).

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    The Team Maximus has released the Lizard Booster, an add-on for their 360Lizard.

    The Maximus Lizard Booster add-on speeds up the read, write, and key extraction process. Installation to the 360Lizard can be found by clicking here. Please read and follow the instructions carefully before installing directly to your Lizard.

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  • PS3 Cobra ODE FFC Complete Cable Set


    FFC Cable Types for all the required connections for the ODE from Team Cobra.


    1x of each cable type listed below:

    • Type A FFC Cable, 60-Positions, Same side contact, 320mm
    • Type B FFC Cable, 60-Positions, Opposite side contact , 320mm
    • Type C FFC Cable, 24-Positions, Same side contact, 300mm
    • Type D FFC Cable, 24-Positions, Same side contact, 370mm
    • Type E FFC Cable, 24-Positions, Same side contact, 350mm
    • Type F FFC Cable, 24 Positions, Opposite side contact, 370mm
    • Type G FFC Cable, 24 positions, Opposite side contact, 150mm


    Individual FFC cables are not for available for sale at this time.

    If these are ordered by itself, we will ship via regular mail without tracking. No overnight.




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