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New PS2 Console Slim- Black

New PS2 Console Slim- Black


8.00 lbs
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$134.95 (US $134.95)


New PS2 Console Slim- Black

Compatible Format:

  • PlayStation Format CD-ROM,
  • PlayStation 2 Format CD-ROM,
  • PlayStation 2 Format DVD-ROM,
  • Audio CD,
  • DVD-RW (VR Mode),
  • DVD-R, DVD-RW (Video Mode),
  • DVD+R and DVD+RW



  • 2 x Controller Port,
  • 2 x Memory Card Slot,
  • 2 x USB Connector,
  • 1 x Network Connector (100BASE-TX/10BASE-T),
  • 1 x Line Connector (Modem: RJ-11C),
  • 1 x DC In 8.5V Connector,
  • 1 x AV Multi Out Connector,
  • 1 x Digital Out Connector


Included In Box:

  • Dual Shock 2 Analog Controller,
  • AV Cable,
  • AC Adaptor,
  • AC Power Cord


30 Day Warranty Only - Warranty Void if Console has been Tampered with.

GO CYBER SHOP! reserves the right to place a hold on any order to verify authenticity of any information before release of the product. Additional forms and information will be required.


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  • PS2 DVD Basic Remote

    PlayStation 2 DVD Basic Remote ! Back in the early 80s, you could get a TV remote that was attached to the TV with a cord. The 80s are a distant memory, so when it?s time to watch a DVD on your PS2, put the gamepad away! This remote will control the DVD function of your PlayStation 2 sans a cord.
  • PS2 Memory Maxx (for USA consoles)

    PlayStation 2 Memory Maxx (for USA consoles) - Fully functional PS2 memory card manager that allows you to copy, zip, format, unzip and delete your saved games. For example, a typical WWF Smackdown save is 4MB. With Memory Maxx you can zip this to just 0.45MB!!!


  • PS2 ModBo V4.0 ModChip


    The Modbo v4.0 is the latest chip from the guys at Modbo.com. The Modbo v4.0 is compatible with v5 to v16 and it is also compatible with the newly released SCPH-7700x & 7900x consoles. Its PCB layout is a perfect “L” shape which makes install a breeze. We believe this chip is a great solution for those looking for a compact and feature packed chip without the high price tag. We also want to explain to customers that there are two producers of the Modbo range of chips, first are the guys at Modbo.com who produced the Modbo 3.0 & Modbo 4.0. Second are the guys over at Modbo2.com who produced the Modbo v2.1 & Modbo 745.

    A major difference we found between Modbo 4 and Modbo 745 is the Modbo 4.0 does work from v5 to v16 as advertised, but the Modbo 745 has trouble working in consoles under v9. Another bonus with the Modbo 4.0 is its now running the Matrix Infinity firmware v1.91 and is also possible to upgrade the firmware at a later date without any problems. If that wasn’t enough, they have now managed to get the firmware’s config menu and all its options to work and save. You can now go into the config menu and setup the Modbo 4 the way you want it, this is extremely handy for a lot of reasons. The Modbo 4.0 also uses a clock point, some of our customers have found that chips using a clock point “CX” are generally more stable then the same type of chip not using a clock point.

    The Modbo 4.0 is a clone of the original Matrix Infinity range of PS2 mod chips. One of the major improvements Modbo 4 has over other Matrix clones is its better compatibility with DVD 9 and runs dual layer much better then older models. Modbo 4.0 comes on a differently laid out pcb to earlier model Modbo chips, allowing for a slightly neater install. There are a few clones of the Matrix Infinity floating around, Modbo , AppleEx , Matrix Infinity SE and some more. The good thing about these chips is you are getting most of the functions of the original Matrix Infinity at the fraction of the cost. The Modbo 4 also has auto media detection for direct booting and All Region DVD Support. The Modbo 4 also comes with a Diode fix for the PSTwo Slimline v12.

    INSTALLATION DIAGRAMS: (RAR download only) v5 to v19

    Installation Video:

  • PS2 Rocker Pad 2.5e

    PlayStation 2 Rocker Pad 2.5e ! Rocker Pad 2.5e with programmable turbo. new rubber comfort grips (compatible with PS2, PS and PSone.)
  • PStwo Flip Top Cover / PStwo Slim PS2Lid w/ Swap Magic Plus 3.6 Boot Disks



    The Flip-Top PS2 Covers allow you to play PS2 original, purchased game back-ups with the Swap Magic PS2 Boot Discs. This is performed by swapping the Swap Magic CD/DVD with your PS2 original, purchased game back-ups by lifting the Flip-Top lid. Only for use with original, purchased game title backups for which the original software license has been purchased.


    • PS2 SLIM Flip Top Lid
    • Swap Magic V3 CD/DVD Disc Set

    The following will help you identify what version of PlayStation 2 you have in your possession.

    The version 1, 2 and 3 PlayStation2 all have 10 screws on the bottom of the unit.

    SCPH30001 v1 = Serial# begins U1
    SCPH30001 v2 = Serial# begins U0
    SCPH30001 v3 = Serial# begins U1 Date 1A
    SCPH30001 v3 = Serial# begins U2 Date 0D

    The version 4, 5, 6 and 7 PlayStation 2 all have 8 screws on the bottom of the unit. The 4 and 5 also have the electrical warning stamped on the bottom of the PlayStation 2 case.

    SCPH 30001 v4 = Serial# begins with U0
    SCPH 30001 v4 = Serial# begins with U1
    SCPH 30001 v4 = Serial# begins with U2
    SCPH 30001 v4 = Serial# begins with U3
    SCPH 30001 v4 = Serial# begins with U4
    SCPH 30001 v4 = Serial# begins with U5
    SCPH 35001 v4 = GT3 Edition

    There are 3 different motherboards for the SCPH 30001R - Version 4, 5 and 6
    SCPH 30001R v5 or v6 Motherboard
    SCPH 39001 v7

    SCPH 50001 v9

    SCPH 50010 v10

    SCPH 50004 v11

    The version 12 PlayStation 2 is the new SLIM PS2 model with the following model numbers:

    SCPH 70011 CB v12
    SCPH 70012 CB v12
    SCPH 70002 CB v12
    SCPH 70003 CB v12
    SCPH 70004 CB v12
    SCPH 70000 CB v12



  • PStwo Magic Switch v3 w/ Swap Magic Plus 3.6 Disks - No ModChip Needed (PStwo Slim)




    The PS2 Magic Switch is an easy and affordable way to play your PS2 original, purchased game backups or original import games. It is a completely "never seen before" solution and alternative to a ModChip for the PSTwo Slimline. Only for use with original, purchased game title backups for which the original software license has been purchased.


    • PS2 Magic Switch
    • Swap Magic v3 CD/DVD Disc Set


    •     PS2 Swap Magic v3 can launch program from memory card
    •     PS2 Magic Switch compatible with PStwo Slim consoles.
    •     Enable to play CD/DVD import and backup on PS2
    •     Available in 2 versions: NTSC - North American version (Canada, USA etc..) and PAL - (United Kingdom etc..)

    The version 12 PlayStation 2 is the new slimline PSTwo model with the following model numbers:

    •     SCPH 70011 CB v12
    •     SCPH 70012 CB v12
    •     SCPH 70002 CB v12
    •     SCPH 70003 CB v12
    •     SCPH 70004 CB v12
    •     SCPH 70000 CB v12
    •     SCPH 90000 V18
    •     SCPH 90001 V18
    •     SCPH 90002 V18
    •     SCPH 90003 V18
    •     SCPH 90004 V18
    •     SCPH 90006 V18
  • ControllerMAX (CronusMAX)- Controller Add-on for XBox 360, XBox One, PS3, and PS4



    ControllerMAX is the most power gaming controller add-on ever created. Make sure you read all the latest updates and features over at www.ControllerMAX.com before buying.

    So......What does it do?


    AnchorCross-over Gaming

    The ControllerMAX is the next generation in controller adapters. Based on the first ever cross-compatibility gaming add-on ever created for video game industry. Simply put, it allows you to use your favorite gaming controller on virtually any console you want. Love your PlayStation 4 controller but have to use Xbox One at your buddy’s house? or how about you want to use your PS3 Six-Axis Controller on your Windows PC? Not a problem. Just plug in the ControllerMAX , sync your controller, and you are ready to go. Easy setup. No hassle. Just play!

    Our unique device opens up a whole new world of gaming for you. Gone are the days when you are restricted to using uncomfortable controllers because of the system you are playing on.


    • Works on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and any Windows-based PC
    • You can even use a PlayStation 4 or Wii controller on your Xbox One, Xbox 360 or PS3
    • Use Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 & PS3 Controllers on a PC with STEAM (No special drivers needed or limitations !)
    • Lag-free. Instant response every time
    • Remap your buttons to any custom configuration
    • No installation necessary. Simply plug-and-play
    • Note: PlayStation 4 Consoles are not currently supported (Still Under Development)

    Which platforms are currently supported?

    • Xbox One
    • Xbox 360
    • PS3
    • Windows PC

    Which controllers work with what?

    • PS3 Controller Wired Works On: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, Windows PC
    • PS3 Controller Wireless Works On: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, Windows PC*
    • PS4 Controller Wired Works On: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, Windows PC
    • PS4 Controller Wireless Works On: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, Windows PC*
    • Xbox 360 Wired Controller Works On: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, Windows PC
    • Xbox 360 Wireless Controller Works On: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, Windows PC**
    • Xbox One Wired Controller Works On: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, Windows PC
    • Xbox One Wireless Controller Works On: Not Yet Supported – Under Development
    • Wii U Pro Controller Works On: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, Windows PC*
    • Wii Remote + Nunchuck Works On: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, Windows PC
    • Keyboard & Mouse Works On: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3***

    *Requires Bluetooth Dongle
    **Requires Wireless Receiver
    ***Requires Windows PC running our MaxAIM Plugin

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    AnchorPrecision Mouse & Keyboard Control

    There are many "mouse and keyboard" console adapters on the market today, so, what makes ControllerMAX so different? The answer is simple: precision. Making a high precision device (like a mouse) work well in a game that was designed for controller thumbsticks is a very hard problem. All console shooters have different levels of "aim-assist" that makes them playable using a controller. If done incorrectly, adapting a mouse to these games will result in aiming that feels jerky, unresponsive, and detached. ControllerMAX takes this mouse tracking information to the next level using it's unique "MAXaim" technology.

    Through MAXaim, ControllerMAX is able to provide unparalleled mouse precision unachievable by any other gaming adapter available. The problem is simple: when the mouse moves, equivalent reticle movement on the screen should occur (i.e. 1-to-1 movement). This is the obvious result that all PC-gamers expect. But, before the creation of MAXaim was not possible on consoles. Every console shooter has its own unique aiming system that governs how the game controls and feels to the gamer. Every game is different as they all have different stick dead-zones and geometries, variable sensitivity and acceleration regions, asymmetric sensitivity, non-linear movement, and more. Be cautious of any console mouse adapter that claims "PC-feel" without talking about how it solves all these challenges.

    ControllerMAX 's simplicity and flexibility is also second-to-none. It's philosophy is to empower the gamer without bombarding them with unneeded complexity. It’s quick and easy to set up your preferred gaming environment. Even more, it will actually give you real-time feedback to help you find your optimal settings. For the most hard core gamer, ControllerMAX offers an insane amount of capabilities, without any kind of soldering or extra hardware to install to the controller - it's the first truly ultimate all-in-one wireless controller modding device.

    ControllerMAX enables a gamer to choose input devices that suits them best whether at a desk or on a couch in the living room. Mix and match different devices for your optimal playing style.


    • Next-generation console input adapter
    • Game on your Xbox One, Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 using your favorite PC gaming-grade hardware
    • Supports both desktop and living room gaming styles
    • Unsurpassed in-game 1-to-1 feel thanks to advanced MAXaim technology
    • Simple configuration
    • Real-time feedback to guide you to your optimal settings
    • Bonus Feature: Ability to remap PC grade Joypads and gamepads!
    • Note: A Windows-PC is required while using the keyboard & mouse together

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    AnchorComplete Rapidfire Controller - No Soldering/Wires/Chips !

    The ControllerMAX really is the ultimate solution to all of your controller modding needs. It allows you to implement powerful mod capabilities to your controller WITHOUT the need to add additional chips or wires to the hardware. This means it will work with your controller RIGHT NOW giving you a fully modded controller with no installation necessary. There is absolutely no need to make changes or modifications to your Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 controller – this has never been done before This innovative new technology isn’t available anywhere else on the market. With a full selection of mods at your fingertips, ControllerMAX is perfect for the gamer looking to add an extra edge to their game.


    • NEW Nextgen controllers now supported (Xbox One & PlayStation 4) !
    • Wireless state of the art modification technology
    • Millions of mod configurations – No Combo Limit !
    • No lag time (tested to 1.2 milliseconds)
    • No chips, wires, or other hardware installation required
    • No soldering or opening the controller – Plug and Play!
    • Fully loaded with ALL major mod packs
    • Support for all console games (i.e. COD series, Battlefield Series, Mortal Kombat, Madden, FIFA, GTA, Tiger Woods and many more!)
    • Stores memory for up to 9 of your favorite games. Button on the ControllerMAX allows you to switch between game slots
    • 100% undetectable online
    • Custom software for mapping the controllers buttons
    • Complete button layout configuration
    • User friendly menu system using controller LEDs
    • Works with Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 and PS3 Controllers
    • Does NOT void controller warranty

    Guides and Tutorials

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    AnchorMacro Programming

    What is a macro? A macro is a sequence of button presses, d-pad movements, and joystick movements. Create any move or combo you can imagine for your Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 or PS3 controller using the ControllerMAX Macro editing software.

    What game is the Macro Controller compatible with? This controller is compatible with every game ever made, thanks to our the state of the art technology in ControllerMAX . A Macro can do ANY glitch, move, or combination available on any controller anywhere.

    Don’t want to build your own macros? You don’t have to. Visit the our Macro Library to download ready-made macros for your favorite games. Call of Duty? Got you covered. EA Sports games? Done. RPG’s? Yup. Fighting games? Well, let’s just say that this controller is the bad guy’s worst nightmare.


    • NEW Now Supports nextgen controllers Xbox One & PlayStation 4 – WORLD’S FIRST !
    • Full Macro Programming with Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 & PS3
    • Includes button presses, d-pad movements and joystick movements
    • Custom Macro Editing Software – easy programming
    • Record any glitch, movement or combo
    • Imagine 88 Ultra Hit “Killer Instinct” Combo with one button? Easy.

    Guides and Tutorials

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    • 1x ControllerMAX
    • 1x Mini USB Cable Type B*

    * you will only receive ONE Mini USB cable per order regardless of quantity!

    ALL ControllerMAX are pre-installed with the following game packs!

    • Battlefield 4 Game Pack
    • Battlefield Game Pack
    • Black Ops 2 Game Pack (Optimized for Black Ops 2)
    • Call of Duty Game Pack (all COD games)
    • God of War Game Pack
    • Gran Turismo 5 Game Pack
    • Mortal Kombat 9 Finalizations Game Pack
    • Tiger Woods PGA Tour Game Pack
    • TurboMax Game Pack


    • Exchanges: Can be returned for exchange within 6 months from date of invoice check return policy --> here <--
    • After pre-orders ship: Eligible for coupon code towards store credit, or refund full amount minus 25% (restocking and card processing fee)

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  • E3 ODE PRO v1.2 for PS3 SLIM 2K5 / 3K / 4K


    E3 ODE PRO is the latest Optical Drive Emulator for PS3 SLIM! Run your video games and movie ISO's from your PS3 SLIM console without the need for CFW!

    E3 ODE DEMO VIDEO (low quality only)


    • No eject and NO restart
    • Select game and run automatically
    • Supports all slim PS3's including previously "unbreakable" 2k5,3k and 4k systems!
    • Select game, switch game and switch mode from E3 OS directly !
    • Play games on ODE mode or BD drive mode
    • Homebrew supported
    • Easy upgrade and easy use
    • Updateable via USB storage
    • High quality components used throughout
    • Built at a high tech facility
    • Easy installation on 25xx,3xxx and 4xxx series Slim and Super Slim series consoles with solder board (quick solder board)
    • Advanced software onboard and frequent free updates


    • 1x E3 ODE PRO Mainboard
    • 1x E3 ODE PRO USB dongle
    • 1x E3 ODE PRO Solder board (can also be purchased separately)
    • Power cable
    • 2x FFC LVDS Cable, 6-pin, 200mm
    • FFC LVDS Cable, 24-pin, 300mm
    • FFC LVDS Cable, 7-pin, 400mm

    Future Updates:

    • BD Movie support
    • PS1 and PS2 ISO support


    • PS3 SLIM 2xxx
    • PS3 SLIM 3xxx
    • PS3 SLIM 4xxx


    • E3 ODE Installation Guide --> PDF <--
    • E3 ODE ISO Tool --> RAR <--
    • E3 ODE User Manual v1.1 --> PDF <--
    • E3 updates
  • ProgSkeet UNIVERSAL Ultimate Bundle #1


    An ALL-IN-ONE NAND/NOR flashing solution for the PS3!


    • 1x ProgSkeet v1.21 BLACK TAR EDITION w/ 1x SLAVE USB BOARD ($59.95)
    • 1x ProgSkeet PCB ADAPTOR ($9.95)
    • 1x ProgSkeet NOR SOFT QSB v001 ($19.95)
    • 1x ProgSkeet Programmer V1.0 ($24.95)
    • 2x FCC 32-pin 20cm cable
    • 1x FCC 50-pin 6cm cable
    • 2x FCC 15-pin 40cm cable


    • Plug and play add-on clips for consoles with TSOP NAND or NOR flash memory.:
      • 48-PIN TSOP NAND CLIP OR 56-Pin TSOP NOR CLIP ($39.95)
    • Switch your PROGSKEET in DUAL NANDs to boot preferred firmware!
      • 1GBIT NAND PCB (19.95) or 256MB NAND PCB (14.95)

    Comes with all FCC cables for each device listed above.

    ProgSkeet v1.21 BLACK TAR EDITION

    ProgSkeet is a universal NAND/NOR Flash programmer offering a cost-effective alternative to industrial programmers! Newly redesigned board, smaller in size, and a few improvements from the previous ProgSkeet V1.2!

    ProgSkeet ADAPTOR PCB

    Adaptor board to connect to PROGSKEET, one or two NAND CLIP's. Solderless!

    ProgSkeet NOR SOFT QSB v001

    The Soft QSB NOR board from Team ProgSkeet! For fast, cheaper, and stable installation of your Progskeet to NOR Chip.

    ProgSkeet PROGRAMMER v1.0 (used to be Injectus)

    The ProgSKEET Programmer is a flasher that more or less only works with NAND-based PHAT PS3's. However, this is the tool designed to use with the new hardware should you be lucky enough to have one. According to the release notes, the process is twice as fast as the former INJECTUS JTAG Programmer. In case you want to use it on different hardware, it will also operate on any ACTEL A3P device with support for AutoGG incoming.


    These devices are designed primarily to aid or assist in the repair or replacement of defective hardware and also for the use of and development of legal open source software. It does not enable any kind of piracy or have any code or any kind of microchip whatsoever that circumvents any kind of protection. It is a basic circuit of wires and diodes that is all. We do not support  nor encourage, if possible, potential infringements of others intellectual property rights - please do not contact us with any question related to this use as we will not respond. DO NOT use or buy this product if you are looking to perform any illegal activity.

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