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Wii Wireless Nunchuk

Wii Wireless Nunchuk


2.00 lbs
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$24.99 (Save 38%) (US $24.99)



The Wii Wireless Nunchuk adopts 2.4G Wireless Technology and power saving design,has motion sensor built-in,responding quickly. The Ergonomic grip,let you feel comfortable when you playing with it.
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    • The Wii Component Video Cable allows you to hook your Wii console system to a high-definition TV (HDTV) or enhanced-definition TV (EDTV) to view 480p progressive output. 480p progressive output displays at a higher resolution than standard 480i resolution.
    • Please note that your TV must be a high-definition TV (HDTV) or enhanced-definition TV (EDTV) to view 480p output. You will also be required to change your Wii settings from Standard TV (480i) to EDTV/HDTV to view 480p.
    • You cannot see Wii progressive display output when the Wii console system is hooked to a TV using any other kind of cable.
    • This component video cable is for the Wii and will not work with any other system. In addition, the Nintendo GameCube Component Video Cable will not work with the Wii.
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    • Each screen is tested before shipping and are working.
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