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PStwo Magic Switch v4 - No ModChip Needed (PStwo Slim 9000x)

PStwo Magic Switch v4 - No ModChip Needed (PStwo Slim 9000x)


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Swap Magic
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Use it to easy open PS2 and swap discs!

The Magic Switch tool is for PS2 Slim, V17-. It is ment to be used with SwapMagic 3.

  • Designed for PSTwo model SCPH-7000X to 9XXXX
  • Does not void the warranty of PSTwo
  • Fast and Easy installation, no need to open your PSTwo
  • The lip of PSTwo can be open and close as normal

By this new version 4 of Magic Switch, you can close the console cover when using swapmagic disc!!

Magic Switch V4 is designed for use with Swap Magic discs on the PS2 SCPH-7XXXX to 9XXXX. Easy and simple installation.

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    The Flip-Top PS2 Covers allow you to play PS2 original, purchased game back-ups with the Swap Magic PS2 Boot Discs. This is performed by swapping the Swap Magic CD/DVD with your PS2 original, purchased game back-ups by lifting the Flip-Top lid. Only for use with original, purchased game title backups for which the original software license has been purchased.


    • PS2 SLIM Flip Top Lid
    • Swap Magic V3 CD/DVD Disc Set

    The following will help you identify what version of PlayStation 2 you have in your possession.

    The version 1, 2 and 3 PlayStation2 all have 10 screws on the bottom of the unit.

    SCPH30001 v1 = Serial# begins U1
    SCPH30001 v2 = Serial# begins U0
    SCPH30001 v3 = Serial# begins U1 Date 1A
    SCPH30001 v3 = Serial# begins U2 Date 0D

    The version 4, 5, 6 and 7 PlayStation 2 all have 8 screws on the bottom of the unit. The 4 and 5 also have the electrical warning stamped on the bottom of the PlayStation 2 case.

    SCPH 30001 v4 = Serial# begins with U0
    SCPH 30001 v4 = Serial# begins with U1
    SCPH 30001 v4 = Serial# begins with U2
    SCPH 30001 v4 = Serial# begins with U3
    SCPH 30001 v4 = Serial# begins with U4
    SCPH 30001 v4 = Serial# begins with U5
    SCPH 35001 v4 = GT3 Edition

    There are 3 different motherboards for the SCPH 30001R - Version 4, 5 and 6
    SCPH 30001R v5 or v6 Motherboard
    SCPH 39001 v7

    SCPH 50001 v9

    SCPH 50010 v10

    SCPH 50004 v11

    The version 12 PlayStation 2 is the new SLIM PS2 model with the following model numbers:

    SCPH 70011 CB v12
    SCPH 70012 CB v12
    SCPH 70002 CB v12
    SCPH 70003 CB v12
    SCPH 70004 CB v12
    SCPH 70000 CB v12

  • Dreamcast Web Browser software

    Dreamcast Web Browser software The browsing software made for allowing the Sega Dreamcast system access to the internet, this application by Planetweb and Sega was included with the system (with later updates available independently.) The software was also used to connect Dreamcast gamers in online games, and featured an Instant Messaging service as well as other features. Versions of the software include 1.0, 2.0, 2.6, 2.6.2, and the final 3.0 edition.


    2 Oscillator + Noise Generator,
    Multi Mode Filter (-24dB/oct LPF, -12dB/oct LPF/BPF/HPF),
    EG x2,
    LFO x2,
    Virtual Patch x4
    Vocoder Program: Voices = 4 voices