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Xeno GC GameCube Modchip

Xeno GC GameCube Modchip


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Add GameCube Open Tool



Xeno GC is a low cost easy solder (no wires) modchip for GameCube. This chip have a unique hardware design which directly interfaces with the serial debugport on the laser unit.......


  • direct boot of DVD+-RW media
  • compatible with all regions & all versions
  • region free loading
  • multigame disc support
  • wireless install
  • no need to remove mainboard
  • PAL/NTSC region force
  • installation control LEDs
  • switchable read setting adjustment / error retry
  • switchable audiofix
  • anti-static packaging
  • selfbooting homebrew linux discs (thanks to Isobel)


  • Disable audio fix - Press left shoulder button during disc load.
  • Disable DRE fix - Press right shoulder button during disc load.
  • Force NTSC display mode - Press X button during disc load.
  • Force PAL display mode - Press Y button during disc load.
  • XenoGC Shell (multigame disc loader) - Press START button during disc load

Status LEDs:
The XenoGC features two status LEDs to indicate correct function. The red LED is active when the drive resets and the chip is doing its job. Once the drive has been patched successfully, the green LED will light up. Check your install if you only get the red LED, or it doesnt light up at all.

 Install Diagram:

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