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Wii Laser Replacement Service

Wii Laser Replacement Service


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Wii Drive Repair/Replacement Service

Does your wii have trouble accepting/ejecting discs? Are there lound grinding noises comming from your drive? Does gameplay freeze during play or do games not register on the Wii Menu when they have been inserted? If so, you may need to have your laser looked at.

**Disclaimer - New lasers may not always solve Drive-related issues. Dead Drives and Dead lasers can have very similar symptoms. If you send us your Wii for this service, please note that the drive may need to be replaced insted, and you will be billed the difference.
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  • Game Boy Advance Multi-Player Convertor

    Game Boy Advance Multi-Player Convertor !You still have an old GameBoy Pocket or Color link cable? You don't want to spend too much extra cash for a new cable? Here is the solution. Get this inexpensive Multi-Player Convertor to use your old GameBoy Pocket or Color link cables on the GameBoy Advance machine. For up to 4 player action.

  • ProgSkeet Programmer V1.0 (formerly Injectus)


    The ProgSKEET Programmer is a flasher that more or less only works with NAND-based phat-style PS3s. However, this is the tool designed to use with the new hardware should you be lucky enough to have one. According to the release notes, the process is twice as fast as the existing INJECTUS flasher. In case you want to use it on different hardware, it will also operate on any ACTEL A3P device with support for AutoGG incoming.


    Package contents:

    • 1x ProgSKEET Programmer v1.0
    • 1x FCC programming cable 15-pin 40cm
  • PS2 FreeMCBoot (FMCB) Official Memory Card


    PS2 FreeMCBoot (FMCB) Official Memory Card

    What's on the card?

    • Free McBoot 1.93 (Multi - Regional)
    • SMS (Simple Media System)
    • uLaunchELF
    • ESR
    • HD Loader/HD advance
    • Usb Extreme
    • OPL

    What can you do with it?

    The software above lets you play homebrew software, play back up copies of your PS2 games (saving the original disks), play imports, watch avi. movies through USB, play games Via an emulator (such as SNES/NES, Sega Genisis, C64 and many many more), play your ps2 games via USB stick or USBHDD, and more!

    Note: This is a brand new official SONY 8MB memory card! Works on all versions other then SCPH 9001 version C (SLIM)




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