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Squirt 360 JTAG/Glitcher BGA Board v1.2

Squirt 360 JTAG/Glitcher BGA Board v1.2


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The Squirt 360 JTAG/Glitcher BGA Board v1.2 (only mainboard)



  • Main IC "7VQG44C PLD COOLRUNNER XILINX" compatible with all GLITCH sources
  • On board capacitators: 220pF / 270pF / 292pF with easy jumpers
  • LPT circuit on board, just connect LPT port and program, no need extra tools
  • JTAG Xilinx port on the back for an easy update with any JTAG programmer
  • SPI NAND pads connected to 40 cm FCC 15 PIN cable provided
  • JTAG Xilinx port connected to 40 cm FCC 15 PIN cable provided
  • 4 pads I/O connected to xilinx for future uses
  • Plug and play JTAG & NAND programming with optional SQUIRT SLAVE PROGRAMMER
  • 470pF & 680pF cap optional for fat consoles (free in package)



  • 1x Squirt 360 JTAG/Glitcher BGA Board v1.2
  • 1x 15-pin 40cm FCC cable
  • 470pf capacitor for FAT XB360
  • 680pf capacitor for FAT XB360
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