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Squirt 360 MICRO JTAG/Glitcher BGA Board v1.3

Squirt 360 MICRO JTAG/Glitcher BGA Board v1.3


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New from 360squirt.com!

Squirt 360 MICRO JTAG/Glitcher BGA Board v1.3!

New smaller Squirt. New bitstream necessary available at


  • 250GB CORONA! Download the bitstream from 360squirt.com
  • RGH 2.0

Changes/improvements from Squirt 360 JTAG/Glitcher BGA Board v1.2:

  • STATUS LED on board
  • Added 4 extra pads for future expansion uses
  • GND & VCC pads blackberries now easy to connect
  • 10KOhm resistor for DUAL NAND PULLUP integrated
  • Oscillator 48Mhz, no more needed and CLK READY FOR CORONA (hardware only)
  • Added 1Ohm resistor at blackberries on CPU_RST for faster GLITCH on SLIM

Fully integrated for DUAL NAND with Squirt 360 DUAL NAND Programmer 16MB

Squirt 360 MICRO JTAG/Glitcher BGA Board v1.3 Specifications (mainbord only):

  • Main IC "7VQG44C PLD COOLRUNNER XILINX" compatible with all GLITCH sources
  • On board capacitators: 220pF / 270pF / 292pF with easy jumpers
  • Xilinx JTAG port on the back for an easy update with any JTAG programmer
  • SPI NAND pads connected to 40 cm FCC 15 PIN cable provided
  • JTAG Xilinx port connected to 40 cm FCC 15 PIN cable provided
  • 4 pads I / O connected to xilinx for future uses
  • Plug and play JTAG & NAND programming



  • 1x Squirt 360 MICRO JTAG/Glitcher BGA Board v1.3
  • 1x FCC CABLE 40cm/15-pin
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