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Squirt 360 RELOADED BGA JTAG Board V2.0 100MHz Glitcher/RGH

Squirt 360 RELOADED BGA JTAG Board V2.0 100MHz Glitcher/RGH


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Team Squirt360 is back on the scene with an important update of this hardware. SQUIRT 2.0 is here! With a more powerful 100Mhz oscillator, and twice the speed than previous versions.

This mean more stable boots, shorter wires and a cheaper solution to archive the best boot timing.

The BGA comes with a few improvements:

  • a new RST and PST pad tuning embedded
  • no more extra PCB to find the best tuning of the two pads.

Downloads for the Squirt360 including diagrams, manuals, dual NAND support, and software are available online.




  • 100Mhz oscillator: double speed then old one, a lot of more stability on RGH2 installation and stable installations for other consoles.
  • TUNING ON BOARD for PST and RST wires, no more long wires or trouble with installations, no extra PCB to reach a perfect tuning, all is on board
  • New LED notification with RATEHR of the chip GLITCH
  • COM MONITOR Pad directly on board
  • SPI connections on board
  • JTAG for xilinx on board


  • 1x Squirt360 RELOADED BGA JTAG board v2.0
  • 1x FCC CABLE 40 cm 15 pin


  • Squirt360 Programmer v2.0 - details coming soon
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    • Supports digital and analog mode
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