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PS2 Memory Adapter Link Cable

PS2 Memory Adapter Link Cable


0.28 lbs
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$6.99 (US $6.99)



PlayStation 2 Memory Adapter Link Cable ! Connect your PlayStation 2 Memory Card to your PC and download / upload game saves, manipulate data, and format!
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    1. Verify the compatibility of your PS3 prior to ordering! No Nand Consoles or Slim 3000 or Superslim 4000 series
    2. Complete the purchase for this service online. We will change the order status to "Installation" once payment is received.
    3. Package and secure your PS3 console in a box.
    4. Visit your local post office and prepare your PS3 for shipment to us.
    5. On the outside of the box and customs paperwork please write:
    6. DO NOT include any cables, controllers, or discs.
    7. DO NOT ship to us via UPS or FedEx or Purolator. Your package will either be refused.  Please use USPS or Canada Post!!!
    8. If you don't do this and there is custom fees you will have to incur the costs added to your total. 

    For more info about our Returns policies please visit the link below:


    Please email us for shipping instructions and address!!


    Canadians ship to our Canada location

    USA ship to our tech in United States!




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