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Game Boy Advance SP Aero Case

Game Boy Advance SP Aero Case


1.25 lbs
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$4.99 (US $4.99)



Game Boy Advance SP Aero Case
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    XBox DuoX 3 - The latest Bad Boy ModChip for the XBox console that auto detects EVOX and has a switch for the latest version 1.6.

    Xbox Duo X3 Mod Chip, The Duo X3 can be shut off for online gaming on all Xbox versions, booted with write protection to chip and much more. It has a dual bios function that allows you to switch between different Xbox bios. Fully compatible with Lynix. The Duo X3 works on all Xbox consoles up to version 1.6. Completely modify the way your Xbox acts by using this mod chip.


    (Replacment for apple v chip, same functionality and installation)


    • XBox DuoX 3 ModChip
    • XBox Compatibility V1.0 - V1.6
    • Latest version XBox DuoX 3 ModChip!
    • Duox 3 Xbox mod chips very easy installation - very stable operation.
    • Duox 3 chip allows multi boot xbox conslole - Retail / Modded Bios
    • Duox 3 chip high quality manufacture
    • Auto detect functions fully support all versions of Xbox.
    • One chip for the following xbox models:
    • v1.0, v1.1, v1.2, v1.3, v1.4, v1.5 and v1.6/v1.6B)
    • Supports all latest dashboards XBMC Xbox Media Centre, Evolution X, Avalaunch.
    • Dual Bios feature (2 x 256KB)
    • Very easy to disable mod for xbox Live
    • Very easy to tell if you are running the original or the modchip bios
    • Supports larger hard drives 10G - 600G+
    • IGR In game reset enabled all model Xbox
    • Can boot between original and modchip bios
    • 9 solder point + 2 Wire Installation or rebuild LPC port + 2 Wire installation
    • Plays original imports
    • Plays Backups of originals
    • Plays unsigned code
    • Run Debug Executables
    • No-patch hack 1
    • No-patch hack 2
    • Permanent eject trick hack
    • Macrovision Off
    • IGR (depends on chosen bios)
    • Supports 137+GB Hard disk (F and G drive)
    • Auto detect EvoX Dashboard
    • Flash upgradable.
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