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Find products such as PS2 Modchips, PS2 HD Advance 3.0, PS2 FlipTop Covers, PS2 Slim USB Extreme Modchip, PS2 Modbo 4.0 ModChip, PS2 Swap Magic 3.6 ModChip, PS2 Swap Magic 3.8 Coder, PS2 No Swap ModChip, PS2 No Solder ModChip, PS2 External ModChip, PS2 Slide Card, PS2 Boot Disks, PS2 Slim Flip Lids, PS2 MagicSwitch, Ps2 Flip lid version 4-7, Ps2 Flip lid version 9-10 and other Modchips in this category. Click on desired product to view further product information.


  • Economy BIOS Clip Testing Unit (Tester)

    Economy BIOS Clip Testing Unit Powerful assistant for all Mod Chip with BIOS clip installers! Test the connections of the BIOS clip! Easy to determine installation faults!

    $1.55 (US $1.55)
    $1.99 , save 22%
  • PS2 / PStwo Swap Magic Plus Boot Discs v3.6 CD & DVD

    Swap Magic Plus v3.6 CODER to play Sony PS2 (PlayStation 2) backups - no modchip required! ONLY JAPANESE VERSION AVAILABLE

    $17.95 (US $17.95)
    $24.99 , save 28%
  • PS2 Auto Key 3 Mod Chip

    Auto Key 3 For Ver 5 And Var 6
    $1.99 (US $1.99)
  • PS2 DVD RegionFree (USA Version)

    PS2 DVD RegionFree (USA Version)Play ALL region DVD movies on your PlayStation 2 console! No modification needed to your console! Widen your DVD range of movies! Easy to use. Simply insert the DVD Region Free then swap with your movie. For all American (USA) model PlayStation 2 consoles!

    $9.95 (US $9.95)
  • PS2 Magic V 5K6 ModChip (version 10)

    PS2 Magic V 5K6 ModChip (version 10)
    PS2 Version 10 Compatible
    This is the Genuine PS2 Magic V 5K6 - NOT a clone or imitation!
    Direct boot all PS2 Media
    Small (easy installation), Auto detect region/Jumper less, 23 pin soldering
    Supports ALL V10 consoles (50000 ~ 50004) and all region
    Support AR2/GS2 with code and continues CD/DVD (multi disc)
    $4.95 (US $4.95)
    $4.99 , save 1%
  • PS2 Modbo 735

    Upgrade from ModBo 3.0, comes with the original 100% v1.93 firmware, but it isn't upgradeable. Software selectable "PS2 Quick Load" option. (To skip PS2 logo and Quick boot PS2 Games!!)

    $9.95 (US $9.95)
    $14.95 , save 33%