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XBox 360

Featured Manufacturer: Microsoft Corporation
Washington, USA
The Xbox 360 ? is the future of entertainment. With the most stunning games, powerful technology, and intelligent services, Xbox 360 ? puts you at the center of your entertainment experience. Connect and express. Collaborate and compete. Play the most compelling games. Watch DVD movies. Enjoy digital music, photos, and videos in an integrated entertainment system. Xbox 360 ? also opens the door to incredible new high-definition entertainment. Experience Xbox 360 ? games in HD. Stream HD television and movies straight from your Windows Media Center Edition PC to your Xbox 360 ?.

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Featured Products

  • Replacement Xbox 360 Lite-On DG-16D2S DVD Drive (74xxxC, 83xxxC, 93xxxC)

    Discs not reading correctly? Cheaper Blank Media Not Working? Games Crashing? Correct these problems with a genuine replacement Phillips Lite-On DVD Drive for your XBox 360!


    $29.95 (US $29.95)
    $34.95 , save 14%
  • Replacement Xbox 360 BenQ VAD6038 DVD Drive

    Brand New Xbox 360 Phillips BenQ DVD Drive Model VAD6038

    Optional Add-on: 0800 v3.0 enabling $19.99

    $29.95 (US $29.95)
  • Service - Xbox 360 Slim or Phat Xk3y Install (Includes Xk3y)

    Service - Xbox 360 Slim or Phat Xk3y Install (Includes Xk3y)

    Valid on all Slim 360's except (Hitachi 0500 & Liteon 1175)

    All machines will be fully tested and shipped via the shipping method you choose at checkout.
    Once we receive your console there is a 2-3 day turn around, to do the install and testing, then your console is shipped back out.

    Service valid for all Drives! Buy Online and Save!

    $149.95 (US $149.95)
    $499.95 , save 70%
  • XBox 360 Arcade Stick - KoF Edition (Black / White)

    XBox 360 Arcade Stick - KoF Edition

    This Digital Arcade Stick features 8 buttons and functional buttons. Those buttons are perfect for playing all kinds of fighting games. The Home button can directly control the console, giving you the full feeling of arcade realism. Despite the KOF design on its exterior, this arcade stick is compatible with all fighting games, including Street Fighter, Tekken, and Marvel vs Capcom!

    $49.95 (US $49.95)
    $59.95 , save 17%
  • Service - XBox360 LT Plus Firmware Flash to Lite-On DVD Drives

    No experience taking apart your console? Don't want to damage your xbox 360 console? Send Gocybershop your Xbox 360 and we'll install the LT Plus ixtreme firmware you.

    $49.95 (US $49.95)
  • Service - Xbox 360 Flashing Red Light Repair Reballing

    Having this problem with your 360? Send us your console and we will repair your console for you. All machines are fully tested and shipped via the shipping method you choose at checkout. (Once we receive your console there is a 5-7 day turn around, to do the repair and testing, then your console is shipped back out.) Service valid for all versions of xbox 360 consoles! Buy Online and Save!

    $59.99 (US $59.99)
    $79.99 , save 25%
  • 12V DC 4-Pin Molex External Power Supply Adapter

    This unit is great for powering your CK3 Pro or CK3 Lite so you do not need to plug it into your PC for power which makes it much easier!

    100-240VAC (US/UK/EU) to 12v/5V DC Power Supply with 4 Pin Molex. This DC Power supply is a great addition to any PC techs toolkit. Hook up CK3's, fans, drives, cathodes or pretty much anything you want that has a Molex connector without having to take your PC apart.  

    Actual unit may be slightly different than the one pictured depending on the most current model available - features & functionality are identical. input: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz,0.5A. Output: 12V-2A,5V-2A

    Due to the power cord being different sockets for different countries, it is not supplied. It is a standard 3 pin power lead that is used on most PC's and electrical devices.

    Please note: These adapters are originally made for powering hard drives / disc drives outside your computer so pin #2 is not grounded. Some devices (I.E cathodes) require pin 2 to be grounded. Please check your device before purchasing.

    $14.95 (US $14.95)
    $19.95 , save 25%


  • Xbox One S HDMI Replacement Port

    Xbox One S HDMI Replacement Port

    $29.95 (US $29.95)
    $39.95 , save 25%

    Play any HDMI or DVI source at 1080p on your compatible TV or PC with this plug and play selector with unique features like being able to connect to an amplifier and extra speakers for perfect sound matching the quality of the image, or the included DVI-HDMI converter.

    $64.95 (US $64.95)
  • XCM Wing Fan for XBox 360 SLIM - BLUE

    The XCM Wing Fan is a plug and play solution (no need to modify the console) and can lower the consoles temperature by 5-6° Celsius (41-43° Fahrenheit). XCM Wing Fan also has a built-in auto mode to monitor the consoles temperature which can increase/decrease the fan's speed accordingly.

    $64.95 (US $64.95)