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Find products such as Xbox 360 Modchips, NME- Modchips, xecuter 360 usb pro, Xecuter Probe 2.1,ck3 probe, ck3 pro, ck3 lite, Nand-X, rrod Repair Kits, Xbox 360 Unlock Kits, Xbox 360 Connectivity Kit, Xbox 360 modchip installation services, 360 Xtractor, 360 Spear, USB Xtractor, Power unit Dongle, Vampire Spear, Rebuild Board v1.1, LT Switch and other Modchips in this category. Click on desired product to view further product information.


  • Economy BIOS Clip Testing Unit (Tester)

    Economy BIOS Clip Testing Unit Powerful assistant for all Mod Chip with BIOS clip installers! Test the connections of the BIOS clip! Easy to determine installation faults!

    $1.55 (US $1.55)
    $1.99 , save 22%
  • Liteon DG-16D4S - ORIGINAL Replacement PCB for any Slim Drive Unlocked

    Original DVD drive PCB for Liteon Slim drives on Xbox 360 slim. These are unlocked and are ready to go!

    We used the Kamikaze method to unlock these boards!


    NO other details available for this product.

    $39.99 (US $39.99)
    $44.95 , save 11%
  • Matrix Glitcher 360

    Based on the GliGli Hack (a Reset type Glitch Hack), it works by sending precisely timed pulses to the console’s processor until the booting of unsigned code is successful. Once this has been achieved, XeLL, the Xenon Linux Loader is booted.

    It works on Phat versions of the X360
    (except Xenon motherboard) regardless of the Kernel version


    Great for Glitching Phat consoles! Get the JRP V2 to program the Glitcher!


    $14.95 (US $14.95)
    $24.99 , save 40%
  • Maximus 360 Litekey

    The 360 LiteKey by Maximus is an advanced version of the Lite-On rebuild board, this little device serves as not only a rebuild PCB for the Lite-On 83850 V2 & 93450 V3, but it also acts as a Vampire spear as well, so all you need to do with the 360 LiteKey is install it and use the Xtractor Pro, or the 360 power unit from the USB Xtractor to then do a full firmware dump of your drive.

    $5.95 (US $5.95)
  • Maximus 360 Lizard Booster Add-on

    The Lizard booster is an add-on item for the Maximus lizard significantly increasing the read speed of Slim liteon drives.  A full read takes approx 10 seconds a slim key read takes about 4 seconds.

    (This item will be required for BenQ and Samsung Stand-alone mode.)

    $16.95 (US $16.95)
    $17.99 , save 6%
  • Maximus 360 Lizard Speaker

    Simple 1 wire one solder install speaker for Maximus 360 Lizard

    $9.95 (US $9.95)