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Cool Add on Stuff

Find products such as Xbox 360 Cases and other Cases in this category. Click on desired product to view further product information.


  • XCM Wing Fan for XBox 360 SLIM - BLUE

    The XCM Wing Fan is a plug and play solution (no need to modify the console) and can lower the consoles temperature by 5-6° Celsius (41-43° Fahrenheit). XCM Wing Fan also has a built-in auto mode to monitor the consoles temperature which can increase/decrease the fan's speed accordingly.

    $64.95 (US $64.95)
  • Xecuter CK3 Extended Power Cable

    This extended power cable can be used with the CK3 Pro or CK3 Lite as an easy way to give yourself much extra room when working with your drives. The cables are high quality and nicely shrink wrapped to make everything as neat and secure as possible.

    The CK3 Extended Power Cable is is 18 inches in length. This cable is for the CK3 Pro or CK3 Lite only, and supports the Mini probe, probe v1, Probe v2. This cable does not support Probe v3.

    $5.95 (US $5.95)
    $12.95 , save 54%
  • Xecuter USB Pro CASE ONLY

    After several design selections by the community, Xecuter have finally released a superbly designed case for the 360 Pro Case.

    Easy to fit with separate parts for the Eject & Modeb buttons along with a toggle switch, a superb little buy if you already own a 360 Pro USB.

    A precision built design with the quality that you expect from Team Xecuter!

    $4.95 (US $4.95)
    $4.99 , save 1%

    $109.99 (US $109.99)