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Find products such as PlayStation 3 Modchips, Ps3 Mods, and other Adapters in this category. Click on desired product to view further product information.


  • E3 ODE PRO v1.2 for PS3 SLIM 2K5 / 3K / 4K

    E3 ODE PRO is the latest Optical Drive Emulator for PS3 SLIM! Run your video games and movie ISO's from your PS3 SLIM console without the need for CFW!

    $79.95 (US $79.95)
    $99.95 , save 20%
  • Injectus JTAG Programmer

    The ProgSkeet JTAG Injectus USB Programmer from the Infectus Team is the most advanced programmer for every ProgSkeet NAND / NOR / EEPROM USB Programmer or the ARGON and INFECTUS ModChip. It supports USB 2.0 and with the high professional programmer software can you easy reflash your ProgSkeet V1.0 and V1.1 or the ARGON chip. The ProgSkeet JTAG Injectus USB Programmer is the perfect complement for every ProgSkeet Developer!

    $24.95 (US $24.95)
    $29.95 , save 17%
  • JB-King USB Adapter

    The JB-King™ is a USB dongle able to launch 3.6+ games from an PS3/PS3 Slim™ console with 3.55 firmware.

    Clone of the True Blue™ (JB2), it alloaws to play compatible PS3™ "TB" games directly from the internal hard drive on the console or an external hard drive plugged into an USB slot.

    Allows The transfers take place via a backup manager such as MultiMAN from the PS3™ interface, without opening the console!

    Compatible with all models PS3/PS3™ Slim consoles, this dongle enjoys monitoring of Team JB-King®.

    $44.95 (US $44.95)
  • Lithium Battery Expansion Board for Raspberry Pi

    Lithium Battery Expansion Board for Raspberry Pi


    $15.99 (US $15.99)
    $19.99 , save 20%
  • Makey Makey - Standard Kit

    Makey Makey - Standard Kit


    $21.99 (US $21.99)
    $29.95 , save 27%
  • MAX AVR USB 1.2 - 32kb

    The NEWER Maximus AVR USB 32KB v1.2 32KB PIC18F4550 with case!

    $23.31 (US $23.31)
    $29.99 , save 22%