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Xecuter USB to NAND-X Update Cable

Xecuter USB to NAND-X Update Cable


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These are an Xecuter Nand-X CK3 CK3i update cable that can be used in conjunction with the Xecuter CK3 Pro or CK3i to re-program your Nand-X with the NandPro 3 firmware so you can then use the Nand-X Coolrunner programming cables to program your coolrunner boards for installation over USB. If you don’t update your Nand-X to NandPro 3 then you won’t be able to make use of the handy Nand-X CoolRunner programming cable the team are releasing to be used with the Nand-X to program the CoolRunner boards over USB. There is another alternative to program your CoolRunner boards which is if you have an old school LPT JTAG cable and they can be programmed by that, or Xecuter are also releasing their own professionally made LPT JTAG cables which can also be used, but it will require you have an LPT port on your PC. The simplest way to program your CoolRunners will be using the Nand-X and as we said above to be able to do that you are going to need to update your Nand-X to the Nand Pro 3 firmware using a CK3 Pro or CK3i along with this cable.

Xecuter are going to release a USB to Nand-X programming cable soon which means you won’t need a CK3 or CK3i along with this cable to update the Nand-X, you will be able to just use the USB to Nand-X cable alone, but word is they won’t be released until a few weeks after these cables. So for now if you want to be able to program your CoolRunners using the Nand-X & Coolrunner programming cable you will need to buy one of these CK3 CK3i to Nand-X programming cables to update your Nand-X to Nand Pro 3.

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  • Xecuter CK3 to NAND-X Update Cable


    Use your Xecuter CK3 Pro or CK3i to update your NAND-X firmware to the latest version NANDPRO so you can use your NAND-X to program your Xecuter CoolRunner over USB.

    Note: The CK3 Pro (Rev D) requires a 1 wire modification (Older CK3 Pro and CK3i do not require this. Not compatible with CK3 Lite)




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