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PS3 Cobra ODE FFC Complete Cable Set

PS3 Cobra ODE FFC Complete Cable Set


1.00 lbs
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FFC Cable Types for all the required connections for the ODE from Team Cobra.


1x of each cable type listed below:

  • Type A FFC Cable, 60-Positions, Same side contact, 320mm
  • Type B FFC Cable, 60-Positions, Opposite side contact , 320mm
  • Type C FFC Cable, 24-Positions, Same side contact, 300mm
  • Type D FFC Cable, 24-Positions, Same side contact, 370mm
  • Type E FFC Cable, 24-Positions, Same side contact, 350mm
  • Type F FFC Cable, 24 Positions, Opposite side contact, 370mm
  • Type G FFC Cable, 24 positions, Opposite side contact, 150mm


Individual FFC cables are not for available for sale at this time.

If these are ordered by itself, we will ship via regular mail without tracking. No overnight.

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